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Friedman Place Navigator Program

The purpose of the Friedman Place Navigator Program is to provide a broad range of case management and social services to people who are blind in order for them to achieve the greatest level of self-determination, independence, and interaction within the community.

Navigator staff inform, educate, support and empower clients who are blind or visually impaired along with their families and friends in many areas, including (but not limited to) obtaining and maintaining:

Public Programs  like PACE Paratransit, Chicago’s Taxi Access Program (TAP), Medicaid, Social Security, and getting a State Identification Card

Social, vocational, educational, and housing services, especially those geared for people who are blind through referral and linkage to local agencies and government departments.

Healthcare like a local clinic or hospital services and understanding how to advocate for legally-required accommodations

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible, the individual must be 18 years or older, legally or totally blind, an Illinois resident, and living in the community (as opposed to a residential or similar program).

Staff are available to meet in offices in Chicago’s loop and the northwest side and – as resources allow – to accompany clients to locations such as social security, the Secretary of State’s office, banks, etc. Many services can be provided remotely by phone, email, or regular mail. Staff do not provide transportation or orientation and mobility training. There is no charge for the services.

We encourage prospective residents and family members and friends to visit Friedman Place.

Call to schedule a personal visit or for more information.

Call (773) 989-9800
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Frequently Asked Questions
Between 10 – 15. Approximately one per month.
Guide dogs are welcome and encouraged and Friedman Place will help pay for the costs of food and grooming if needed. The only pets that are permitted are fish and birds.
Yes, as long as your spouse (or partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) qualifies like any other applicant. Studio apartments are only for individuals; one bedroom apartments (when available) are for couples.
We go shopping weekly and typically (depending on the season) go on another 1-2 outing per week.
Yes, with a full bathroom and kitchenette.
Your one monthly payment includes the apartment, all utilities, meals, housekeeping, activities, phone service, cable tv, assistance from nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, etc.