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Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals

It’s easy to volunteer virtually at Friedman Place!
Simply apply online.

In order to comply with state mandated COVID-19 health precautions we have temporarily suspended onsite volunteering. But, feel free to apply now for in-person volunteering. When we resume volunteer activities we will contact you about next steps. You may also send an email to our Volunteer Department with your name, contact information and volunteer opportunity of interest to you.

Prospective volunteers will be invited to attend a short one-hour orientation to learn about Friedman Place, current volunteer opportunities and to complete some paperwork.  Once that process is complete (3-5 days) the new volunteer is scheduled to begin their ‘job.’

Hours: Are flexible and depend on the activity. Volunteers can be scheduled on weekends, which is a plus for students and those working during the normal business work week.

We provide service learning hours for high school and college students.

Most of our volunteer opportunities do not require a special skill, just your enthusiasm, patience and compassion. Training is provided as necessary.

Dining Buddies

  • Join our residents at meal times to socialize, assist and serve soft drinks.

Scheduling:  Lunch – any day 11:00am-1:30pm, Dinner – any day 4:00pm-6:30pm. Flexible schedule.

Benefits:  Getting to know residents and help kitchen staff respond to resident dining needs!

Bowling Helper

  • Guide residents to and from seats and lanes
  • Help residents retrieve bowling balls and keep score
  • Help serve lunch, set up, and clean up

Scheduling:  One Thursday a month, from 10:30-1:30

Benefits:  Get to know residents in a fun and informal setting, share a love of bowling, enjoy lunch on us!

Weaving / Sewing Assistant

  • Aid residents walking to and from studio and while they work
  • Assist residents in weaving, help with measuring project, advancing loom, monitoring quality, etc.
  • Sewing and finishing items produced by weavers

Scheduling:  Flexible, Weaving Studio is open Weekdays ONLY 9:00am – 3:00pm

Benefits:  Aid resident growth in confidence and ability, learn how to weave, gain sewing experience.

Volunteer Performer

  • Share your talents with the residents of Friedman Place

Scheduling:  Flexible – Coordinate with the Activity Department for a performance time

Special Qualifications:  Good performance skills, musical talent, can sing or play musical instruments, owns instruments. We can provide a piano and microphone.

Administrative Services Helper

  • Skilled volunteers can serve on a Committee, help plan a fundraiser, share a specific skill.
  • Contact Volunteer Dept. for more information