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Volunteer opportunities for your group

Friedman Place, could be the PLACE for you……

Our residents enjoy meeting new people, socializing and participating in activities together. Our convenient location on Chicago’s northwest side is accessible to I-94 and Lake Shore Drive, as well as public transportation.

Benefits to your group

We appreciate your interest in volunteer opportunities; we understand that your employees are eager to be of service to us. We also understand that you want this experience to be beneficial and meaningful to your company and employees.

Benefits from volunteering with us:

  • Fun and Team building
  • Community relations – Great photo opportunities for social media!
  • Education about the abilities of people with blindness and disabilities living in your community!

Be our Partner

Group volunteer visits require preparation and coordination by our staff. As a non-profit organization, resources to provide meaningful experiences for our residents are limited. We want your experience to be successful, so we request that partner companies/organizations should be prepared to provide resources that support their volunteer activity.

Some examples include:

  • Supply pizza, soft drinks and dessert for a meal or holiday party with residents
  • Purchase or collect dental care items to create dental kits for residents

Our ideal partners bring their enthusiasm for their activity, open-mindedness and compassion for our residents.  We will be well prepared for your arrival and will provide a fun, meaningful experience for your organization.

Group Opportunities

All of our volunteer opportunities are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your needs while providing a meaningful experience to your group. All volunteer groups will begin with an educational session about blindness and life at Friedman Place prior to the start of the activity.


We invite your group to bring and enjoy a meal with our residents, think pizza party or taco bar. Our residents love to eat and socialize with volunteers!


Bingo is a big favorite, come play games with our residents for an hour or two, bring snacks and prizes (gift cards are welcome!)

Holiday Parties

Combine meals and games! We will help you plan a fun party with food and activities: musical games such as Music Trivia, arts & crafts, games, etc. We welcome Christmas parties but also think about other fun holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July.


We can work with you to plan an outing to a concert, play, boat ride with our residents. Your group members will accompany and guide residents, while enjoying a fun afternoon out of our building.

At your site “Friedman Place to Go”

We can bring our educational session to your location

Lunch and Learn Service Project

Our staff will come to your location to present an educational session about blindness and disability, to combine with a project such as assembling hygiene kits or dental kits that your organization purchase or collects, and will be distributed to our residents

Lunch and Learn +

Kick off a holiday gift drive or other donation collection (i.e. hats and gloves, bedding etc.) among your staff with a Lunch and Learn program to get them acquainted with Friedman Place and excited about collecting items for our residents from their colleagues, friends, and family.

Next Steps

Contact Beth Elman, Director of Activities and Volunteers, at (773) 989-9800