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Friedman Place Rent Assistance Program

For Adults Who Are Blind

Friedman Place is a non-profit that primarily provides housing and supportive
services similar to what is found in an assisted living to adults who are blind or
visually impaired on the Northside of Chicago. The agency also provides case
management services to people who are blind throughout Illinois.

We also offer the Rent Assistance Program, which financially supports Illinois
residents eighteen years and older who are blind and have low incomes so that
they may remain and succeed in the community in their own rented apartments,
houses, or rooms. Ongoing rent subsidies are 50% of the individual’s rent up to
$300 each month.

Main Eligibility Requirements

  • Legal blindness
  • Is your Annual Income at 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Level
    • $29,160 for a one person household (2023)
    • $33,440 for a two person household (2023)
    • $49,720 for a three person household (2023)
    • $60,000 for a four person household (2023)
  • Living and renting in Illinois for at least three months
  • Not receiving other housing subsidies such as a Housing Voucher or living in a low-income housing program, long-term care program, or any other residential program.


Apply by filling out the brief online application.  Apply Here!

We encourage prospective residents and family members and friends to visit Friedman Place.

Call to schedule a personal visit or for more information.

Call (773) 989-9800
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Frequently Asked Questions
No, unless you can provide a lease and have been living there at least three months.
Yes, as long as you have been there at least three months and can provide a lease, or a comparable written agreement with the landlord.
No, you cannot be receiving other housing subsidies such as a Housing Voucher or living in a low-income housing program, long-term care program, or any other residential program.
No. You cannot apply until you have been living in Cook County and have been renting an apartment (with a valid Lease) for at least three months.
No, the subsidy checks are written only to the landlord as identified on the Lease, although it can be mailed to you so you can submit it to the Landlord along with your own check at the same time if you would like.
No, records or a letter from an ophthalmologist must indicate legal blindness.
No. The program does not provide anything towards a security deposit and you must be living in the apartment at least three months when you first apply.
Yes, you will just need to submit additional information such as the new lease. This is an exception to the “three month” rule.
You will need to let us know and we will then provide one additional (final) month of subsidy to give you an opportunity to transition.
Only you would be eligible for the subsidy. We would only consider your situation to qualify and the subsidy would be calculated only on what you pay for rent. Your name must be on the lease.
No, while most of the application process can be done remotely there must be at least one in-person meeting at Friedman Place to do a final review and sign an agreement.
The income for the entire household will be considered a household and only your portion of the rent will qualify for the subsidy. If there are two adults in the household your portion of rent will be 50% - minor children are not expected to pay rent so while they count as a member of the household they are not considered when calculating the amount of rent owed by the adults.
Maybe, but probably not. It is unlikely that the relatively small payments will significantly affect taxes or benefits, but they might. We encourage you to consult with a tax preparer and/or the provider of your benefits.
Yes. You are welcome to apply and are subject to the same eligibility rules, although you also must also have no outstanding debts to Friedman Place before your application will be considered.