A group of nursing students pose in the Friedman Place lobby

Throughout the year, Friedman Place welcomes the involvement of students from several local universities, as interns or for clinical rotations.  We recently hosted a group of nursing students from Resurrection University as they completed a six-week clinical rotation, working with our residents and staff.  The students get a lot more than they expect from their time here; like most people they start out not knowing much about how to work with people who are blind; they leave here with knowledge they would never gain in the classroom.   After our last group of students finished their rotation we asked them to share their experiences, here are a few highlights:

My clinical rotation at Friedman Place was the most rewarding rotation that I experienced during nursing school. Since the first day my classmates and I arrived to Friedman Place we were greeted with amazing hospitality by both the residents and the staff members from the dining service, CNA’s, and Nurses all the way up to management. This rotation was so unique compared to others because of the level of connection we had with the staff and residents. The experience I had impacted me so much that even after my rotation was over I still wanted to be involved with Friedman Place, which compelled me to sign up and volunteer outside of school.”

I have really learned a lot of things on how to care for the blind. Friedman place makes life so easy for people with visual impairment. They train and coach them to be independent and perform basic activities of daily living by themselves with little or no assistance………I also love the fact that there are a lot of physical, social and learning activities organized to engage the residents………..I would recommend this place to everyone to volunteer and also donate to them because they are doing a wonderful job.”

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