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Nancy enjoys a holiday party with her new friends at Friedman Place

Nancy is a Chicago native who recently celebrated her 62nd birthday.  She joined Friedman Place in the summer of 2017 and has become a dedicated and engaged community member. 

Nancy’s smile lights up the room as she describes her close relationship with her four younger siblings and family.  Her father owned two busy jewelry stores in Chicago and the suburbs.  She was drawn to the family’s jewelry business from her earliest days, using her natural gift of gab and rare ability for finding every customer “the perfect gem”.  Although she was close to both parents and siblings, she felt an especially strong bond with her father: “My dad was my true hero!”  When her father passed away suddenly, both store locations had to shut their doors and she was forced to pursue other career interests at age 38. 

Nancy’s life took a sudden turn as she survived many difficult challenges three years ago.  She had two serious strokes, a heart attack and seventeen dangerous falls.  An unexpected brain tumor caused additional health issues and both eyes were affected by the combination of medical complications.  She lost all vision in her left eye and has experienced a significant loss of sight in the right eye, and developed diabetes during this time.  Despite many health setbacks, Nancy is resilient and strong  and remains positive.  She has become a leader by example and is an inspiration to all who know her.

When asked if she has any friends at Friedman Place, she smiled as she described developing meaningful new friendships at Friedman Place.  She enjoys entertaining others by playing her electric guitar and has a special fondness for rock and roll.  She is a warm and friendly individual and has the positive attitude to meets life’s challenges. “If I only knew then what I know now!!  I’m sorry that I didn’t save more money and haven’t always taken the best care of myself.  I’m learning to eat in a much healthier way, especially now that I’ve become a diabetic!  I’m grateful to be a member of the Friedman Place community and am learning more each day.  Wherever life takes me and whatever happens in the future, I believe it’s most important to follow the famous song and always keep on trucking!!”

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