Friedman Place Wish List

Donations of goods and services are always greatly appreciated by Friedman Place.  In-kind gifts directly serve our residents and help us to provide a full range of services and activities so that residents’ days are healthy, dignified, and stimulating.  If you would like to donate items please see our Wish List below which details the specific items we are most in need of. 

If you’re shopping on Amazon please consider switching to their fundraising site, Amazon Smile, and shop as usual. It's the same pricing and selection, but Amazon will donate to us every time you make a purchase.  Shop at Amazon Smile.

Wish List:

- New or gently used iPads, iPods, and laptops  
-  New or gently used landline phones-with voicemail   
- New personal computers and printers  
- New toiletries (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, electric and regular razors, etc.)  
- Stereos, radios, and CD players  
- Talking clocks and radios for the blind  
- Screen readers for the blind  
- Braille printer/
- New or gently used general office supplies and copy paper  
- New or gently used automobiles and vans  


Items purchased online can be shipped directly to Friedman Place at:

5527 N Maplewood Ave

Chicago, IL 60625

Please include your name and contact information when checking out so we can thank you for your thoughtful gift.  To discuss other ways to donate or for any questions please contact Laura Roth, Director of Development & Communications at 773-898-9800.

Donate to Friedman Place
5527 North Maplewood: Chicago, IL 60625 Phone: (773) 989-9800