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Friedman Place

5527 North Maplewood Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

Phone (773) 989-9800         Fax (773) 989-4889

For More Information

To get more information about Friedman Place, contact Alexander Brown at 773-989-9800 or by using the email form to the right.

Applying for Residency

Application for Prospective Residents:

Friedman Place accepts applications from adults with low-vision or blindness who are seeking supportive housing opportunities.  Our application for prospective residents can be downloaded by clicking here.

If you would like additional information about Friedman Place or to inquire about admissions, please contact Christian Zapata at 773-989-9800 or by using the email form to the right.

To Volunteer

Friedman Place welcomes volunteers to spend time with residents and lend a helping hand with activities. To volunteer, please contact Beth Elman at 773-989-9800.

To Make a Gift

Friedman Place welcomes gifts and grants. Click here for information.


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5527 North Maplewood: Chicago, IL 60625 Phone: (773) 989-9800