While you will enjoy the privacy of your own apartment, at Friedman Place there are so many services and programs that you may not spend much time there. Three meals a day are served in the dining room, where snacks are also available whenever you want them. There is a library with large-print, Braille, and audio books. You might want to use one of the computers with screen-reading software to send email or surf the Internet. Or you may choose to take up weaving, learning to see with your fingers the patterns, textures, and colors while you create a thing of beauty.

We offer many activities on a regular basis. These include art and exercise classes, and music and theatrical performances. Some activities and classes may involve volunteers and friends, as well as visually impaired individuals from other programs in Chicago.

We encourage you to remain as independent as possible. We will orient you to the neighborhood and assist you in taking public transportation or calling for a taxi whenever you want. Our van takes groups to events and shopping. For those who work or attend school or training programs, transportation can be arranged.

Friedman Place is a regional training site for guide dogs. We encourage individuals with guide dogs to move to Friedman Place. If you are interested, we can help you choose a guide dog school from among the many possibilities. A beautiful exercise run has been added to the side of the building, as well as a fenced-in area where the dogs can play off leash.

Our goal is to ensure that your environment is safe, clean, healthy, and stimulating. Twice a week someone will clean your apartment, and laundry services will be provided once a week. You can keep trim with a visit to the exercise room and get a trim at the salon.

Like most residents of Friedman Place you may have some health needs and take medications. Our licensed nurses provide medical case management and medication reminders and assistance. We have a low-vision clinic, as well as an examination room where you can be seen by your own doctor. We will help you make doctor appointments as necessary.

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